A Tuttle Christmas Carol cast list announced

The cast list for A Tuttle Christmas Carol has been announced. Thank you to everyone who auditioned and congratulations to those selected for the cast!

The cast will be led by Jay Thomas, who will reprise the role of Ebenezer Scrooge. Bob Cratchit will be played by Aiden Bryant, Jackson Rooney will be Tiny Tim Cratchit, Ben Garvie as Jacob Marley, Dani Frost as the Spirit of Christmas Past, Sabrina Hinckley as the Spirit of Christmas Present, and Bennett Garvie as the Spirit of Christmas Future.

The rest of the cast includes:

Narrator – Sydney Mills

Young Scrooge – Ethan Wedel

Child Scrooge – Rustin Elliot

Mrs. Cratchit – Myla Mayo

Martha Cratchit – Cadence Sebold

Belinda Cratchit – Kiana Moses

Peter Cratchit – Michael Lujan

Meg Cratchit – Isabel Lujan

Alice Cratchit – Raven Chambers

John Cratchit – Rustin Elliot

Fred Streber – Bennett Garvie

Clara Streber – Leah Fitzwater

Mr. Fezziwig – Eric Wedel

Mrs. Fezziwig – Tracy Wedel

Belle Skaggs – Lenora Garvie

William Skaggs – Caleb Hinckley

Winnifred Skaggs – Anneleise Wedel

Georgia Skaggs – Lydia O’Hara

Kate Skaggs – Marissa McDermott

Willa Skaggs – Kayslee Elliot

Fan – Belinda Garvie

Dick Wilkins – Jonathon Wedel

Ralph Plumlee – Jeremy Moore

Harry Schrock – Logan Elliot

John Traxler – Taylor Rooney

Tom Hinkle – Andrew Riggs

Alfred Murrah – Justin Gellenbeck

Charlie Kettler – Onna Hamilton

Miss Doss – Samantha Hennigh

Mrs. Banta – Autumn Wedel

Mr. Bazhaw – Logan Elliot

Mrs. Cruzan – Selah Wedel

Caroline – Dani Frost

Thomas – Ethan Wedel

Mr. Arterberry – Caleb Hinckley

Mr. Hardesty – Jonathon Wedel

Jim Robinett – Samantha Hennigh

Mrs. McCarthey – Lenora Garvie

Old Joe – Michael Lujan

Mrs. Oliver – Belinda Garvie

Mrs. Tackleton – Taylor Rooney

Mrs. Dilber – Rylie Williams

Ignorance – Raven Chambers

Want – Isabel Lujan

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