Theater performs Tuttle Christmas Carol

The cast of A Tuttle Christmas Carol did a great job this past weekend, entertaining audiences with shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Led by director Krislyn Gottman, the show took the original Dickens classic and sets it in Tuttle shortly after statehood and included fun Tuttle area memories like the old Bank of Tuttle, the Star Pharmacy, LG’s Café, Meder Ranch, the Canadian River ferry, El Meta Bond College in Minco, and Silver City.

“This is our second year to do A Tuttle Christmas Carol, and we’re planning to keep going with this fun Tuttle tradition,” said Gottman. “It’s a great way to celebrate the season and our community, and our cast and crew did an amazing job, as always.”

The theater will now be hosting beautiful holiday singing, as the members of the Oklahoma Children’s Acting Guild prepare for their annual Christmas Caroling. The OCAG company members will go to various places in Tuttle and sing for local residents.

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